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CUSTOM Manufacturing

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” – Unknown

What is the most valuable thing TEK has to offer? Our 30 plus years of custom and contract manufacturing experience. That experience has shown us there is no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. This is why we consider all our designs and products to be “Raw”.

Our “Raw Products” philosophy means that TEK is always ready to provide you with Custom Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing services. There is no shame in admitting that your situation requires a unique solution. What can we do to help?

  • Alter an existing TEK device to work in a new environment
  • create accessories to help you use an existing TEK device in a new way
  • develop a totally new product for a problem that hasn’t been tackled yet



Custom Products 1 - Find new uses for existing TEK devices.

  • Proof of Concept. We can bench test our products to match your proposed install/use scenario.
  • Beta Testing Program. We make sure you are supported all the way.

Custom Products 2 - Request a unique accessory for an existing TEK device.

  • If an interface cable, connector or other accessory is needed to make an existing TEK device fit your need, we can source it, or build it.
  • Perhaps you would like to integrate our device with a surveillance camera, or have it programmed into your building or access control system. We have a list of partners who can help!

Custom Products 3 - Alter an existing TEK Device to fit your need.

  • Alter the device enclosure and/or components. Request physical changes to the form, fit or finish.
  • Upgrade enclosures & components. NEMA 4, Stainless Steel, Explosion Proof, Clean or Green, etc.
  • Need a TEK device that delivers or withstands more volts, amps, torque, or pressure? No problem.


Custom Products 4 - Ask TEK to make something completely new.

  • All of the above plus a good bit more.
  • We can start with an existing TEK Device or go way off the beaten path.
  • Site surveys, design & engineering services or support, prototyping, beta testing & finished products.
  • No need to change your existing equipment, pipes or power circuits. We can custom fit our devices and hardware to fit what you have in place.

*Made to Order*
Custom Fit

For every problem, there is a solution. Let our design team build products to help you monitor and manage your assets. Problems with power, valves, or assets that refuse to stay in one place? Help is just a click away.

Applications, Integrations,
& Remote Management

It is impossible to list the hundreds of ways our Tek devices can employed and integrated on a single website. Click here to go to our library page. Find out How-to-tips and links to a variety of helpful documents here.

Partners for Install
Integration & Remote Management

Our devices are easy to install and integrate, but if you are not in a “do-it-yourself” mood, feel free to click here for our list of device install and remote device monitoring/management partners. Already have a partner? We’ll be happy to support them.

TEK Industries is a division of NVT Technologies, a family of companies that includes Vermont Microtechnologies, North Hartland Tool Corporation,
Carl Associates, and NHTCi.