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Applications, Integrations & Remote Management

Apps, Integrations & Remote MGMT

Apps, Integrations & Remote MGMT

Sometimes “dumb” is the smartest approach

Why do we design our products with as little embedded technology as possible? So they will play well with the greatest possible number of control, monitoring, and alarm/alert options. Our devices can be integrated with the simplest switches to the most sophisticated access control or automation system.


Applications – How can we begin to describe the thousands of ways our devices can be employed and combined to make your life easier, safer, or less expensive? Like this…

Power Managers – Easy to install and manage, low voltage interfaces for controlling “high-voltage” circuits. Control a single machine, or a room/building full of dangerous or power-hungry equipment.

Power Manager TB-1.5 Datasheet / Power Manager TB-1.5L Datasheet

Integration… it goes both ways – Our TEK devices can take their commands from other devices or technology, or they can provide/carry the data or power needed to trigger other system devices or protocols.

Stand-alone Switches & Controllers – Any switch, numerical keypad, proximity card or keyfob reader, biometric reader, or timer that can operate without the control of a larger managing system can be used to control a TEK Power Manger or Valve Manager. Two wires is all you need.

Security & Environmental Sensors – Motion sensors, temperature and flood sensors, even video or thermal imaging cameras with motion-sensing technology can be used to trigger a Power or Valve Manager.

Video Surveillance (Thermal Imaging) – Trigger a camera to capture video of an event, or use the event-sensing capability of the camera to trigger a Power or Valve Manager into action.

Access Control, Alarm, Building Automation Systems & PLCs – Almost any existing security system, building automation system, or programmable logic controller can control a TEK device, or accept signals from one.

Bells & Whistles – Sometimes you really want people to know they shouldn’t have touched something. TEK Devices can be used to trigger and/or power alarm bells, sirens, and strobes.


Remote Device Management – How do you monitor or manage your TEK devices at your personal workstation, smart phone, or other mobile device? Remote monitoring and management of TEK Devices can be accomplished through various means. If you would like more information or help with connecting to your TEK Devices across the Internet or your Wide or Local Area Network (LAN, WAN), please see the scenario descriptions below, or feel free to contact one of our Installation and Remote Management Partners.

Remotely Managed/Hosted Access Control – You do not have to make a huge investment in system servers, software, and staff to enjoy all the protection and efficiencies provided by an “Enterprise Level” access control or security system. “Security as a Service” (SaaS) is a rapidly growing segment of the security industry. You can choose to have our TEK Devices fully monitored/managed by a 3rd party, you can choose to just have the 3rd party host the software and data on their servers (for you to access and manage as desired), or maybe you want to share tasks and responsibilities with a 3rd party. Anything is possible when you are part of a team.

IP and Cloud-Based Access and Alarm Systems – Most modern alarm, access control, and building automation systems are designed to manage system panels and devices installed in rooms, buildings, or facilities that are not physically connected. Any of these systems has the potential to allow for remote management/monitoring of a TEK Device. To learn more about using an existing alarm or access control system to unlock the full potential of your TEK Devices, please feel free to contact your current security or automation vendor, or one of our TEK Device Install Partners. Naturally, we will also be happy to provide you with more information.

Remote Access via Mobile Devices or Internet – You may have already decided that your situation does not require an elaborate hardware or software based device management system. Many options exist for controlling and monitoring a TEK Device using a simple PLC or other interface to your workstation, smartphone or mobile device.

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Carl Associates, and NHTCi.