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Q: Can one TEK Power Manager control power access for more than one piece of equipment?

A: Technically, yes. Each Power Manager can control voltage and amperage up to that model’s maximum rating, as listed in the Power Manager Install Manual. However, when managing power for pieces of equipment that start or operate at or near the maximum voltage and/or amp draw rating of a particular Power Manager, it is best to use one Power Manager for each individual equipment power circuit. See our Applications section for more information.

Q: Can one key switch or numeric keypad control more than one Power Manager?

A: Yes. Power Managers can be “daisy chained” to one control point. See the Power Manager Install Manual for details on install and wiring options. Note: To achieve optimum levels of benefit and ROI from your TEK Power and Valve Manager devices, you should consider managing these devices with a local or remotely managed access control system. Please see our Integrations and Remote Device Management sections for more details.

Q: Do I have to alter my existing valves or pipes to install a TEK Valve Manager?

A: Yes. No, TEK Valve Managers are made to be installed over existing valves without taking them out of commission. For more details on available features and configurations, see our Applications section or the Valve Manager Install Manual.

Q: What are some examples of movable assets that can be used with TEK Umbilicals?

A: Some examples include critical equipment, race and office trailers, semi and storage trailers, vehicles, heavy equipment. Anything that moves can be protected. Visit our Applications and Integrations sections for more information.

Q: What are some examples of integrations you offer?

A: A sample of some integration include stand-alone switches & controllers, security & environmental sensors, video surveillance, access controls, and much more. See our Integrations section for more details, or Contact Us, and let’s talk about what we can do to meet your needs.

Q: What are some of the options for remote monitoring with a TEK device?

A: Use your mobile device or PC to connect to a TEK device via “the Internet of things”, or access TEK Devices using a Cloud based, or IP alarm, access control, or building automation system. 3rd Party Remote or hosted alarm and access management is a great option for those who want to avoid the expense of installing and managing a new alarm or access control system. Please see our Integrations and Remote Device Management sections for more details. ...or Contact Us and let us work with you to find the best solution.

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