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TEK Industries

Control the power, and you control the equipment that runs on it.  Limit power access to a preset schedule or to specific individuals.  There will be no power without your permission.

TEK Industries

Lock, monitor, or actuate valves from across the plant, or across the world.  Lock/unlock valves on schedules, or for authorized staff only.  Set limits, alerts and alarms.  Control the variables.

TEK Industries

Take your security, access control or network connections out to any asset that moves around (or can be dragged away).  Boats, trailers, equipment, storage units, AC units… and more.


Need something different?  Our 30 years of contract manufacturing experience allows us to go way off the beaten path, so let us provide you with new solutions for your toughest problems. 

Why Choose TEK Products

Safety, Productivity, Energy Savings, and Security.

Removing Failure from the List of Options.

No business owner or manager wants to fail, but when it comes to protecting and optimizing critical assets, sometimes failure is the only affordable option. The math is simple. No protective or cost-saving measure can help you, if it is too expensive or difficult to be installed and implemented.

At Tek Industries, our motto is, “Failure is not an option.” Our products are designed to reduce the financial and physical barriers standing between you and the tools you need to protect, manage, and grow your business.

  • How can you monitor, manage and protect high voltage circuits, valves of different designs and functions, or mobile and temporary assets using available alarm and access control technology?
  • How can you protect and monitor assets and processes in environments where it is not possible or practical to alter existing infrastructure?
  • How can you extend protection and access control to assets in environments that are tough to reach with traditional cabling/conduit or even new wireless options?
  • Your answer: With Tek Devices.

Each Tek Device is designed for easy installation. We have you covered whether you prefer to do-it-yourself, or plan to enlist the help of a contractor or security integrator.

We even have you covered if you need a solution that doesn’t exist yet. Our engineers and production staff are ready to design and build custom products to help you overcome those tough barriers to monitoring, optimizing, and protecting your assets.

TEK Industries is a division of NVT Technologies, a family of companies that includes Vermont Microtechnologies, North Hartland Tool Corporation,
Carl Associates, and NHTCi.